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  Do you suffer from cravings? - Do you need coffee? - Are your energy levels lower than they used to be? - Are you depressed or suffering from poor concentration or memory loss? - Are you struggling to maintain your ideal weight? ...then nutritional therapy may help you.   As a nutritional therapist based in Central London, I aim to provide a treatment that applies nutritional science to help individuals reach their health potential, attain peak performance and prevent disease.

We have seen great advances in nutritional medicine over the last two decades. Examples include the use of omega 3 oils, which together with other nutrients have helped to prevent and reverse diseases ranging from arthritis, obesity and PMS to allergies, asthma, skin conditions and fatigue.

By using natural healing foods and nutrients, an individualís health may reach levels higher than previously experienced.

Treatments are holistic, with every aspect of a clientís health taken into account.