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  What happens at the first consultation?

I will examine your health history and assess your physical, mental and hereditary aspects. I will also check that your digestive and absorption systems, fundamental to health, are working effectively.

During your first consultation, we will discuss a pre-completed questionnaire along with other pertinent aspects of your health. A bespoke nutritional programme, using the information gathered, will then be put together to incorporate the required vitamins and minerals along with other relevant nutrients. Special attention will be paid to any under-functioning organs that may require particular nutritional support.

To help fine tune your nutritional programme, biochemical and functional clinical tests can be organised as appropriate.

At the end of the consultation, you can expect to receive an explanation of potential underlying causes of your health concerns, a full dietary programme with advice about the use of nutritional supplementation (if indicated), along with written general nutritional information and menu plans.

  For clients struggling to shift behavioural patterns, techniques derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be used to help facilitate changes in lifestyle.

There are many ways of making sure your new diet is appetising and fits your lifestyle. Ideas will be given towards how you can implement it.

Further Appointments
All clients are recommended follow up care and re-assessment. After the initial consultation, progress is reviewed and if tests have been undertaken, the results are discussed in subsequent appointment(s) before a modified programme, including any necessary readjustments, is put in place.

Emma Monteith has an honours degree in Nutritional Therapy (BSc.Hons), diplomas in NLP (INLPTA) and Nutritional Therapy (Dip.CNE) and a certificate in Dietary Counselling (Cert.RAW).

She is also a member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists).